AG-12540 Upper transmission CNC bending machine

AG-12540 Upper transmission CNC bending machine

AG-12540 Upper transmission CNC bending machine

  • Product No.: AG-12540



Main structure and performance

1. The machine drive transmission structure is a lower-moving design.

2. The machine tool has a perfect design and manufacturing process, which can effectively guarantee the manufacturing and use accuracy of the machine tool. The frame is welded with a steel plate and has sufficient strength and rigidity.

3. The main components of the machine tool are treated with stress relief. The overall frame is iron-blasted with sandblasting and rust-proof paint.

4. This machine adopts rigid mechanical synchronization, which is stable and reliable, and ensures that the worktable and the lower slider are in parallel, which effectively controls the bending precision. When the unilateral load exceeds a certain range, the unit can effectively protect.

5. The cylinder is made of forgings

6. The hydraulic circuit of the hydraulic device of the machine is simplified, no oil leakage, convenient for maintenance and inspection.

7. This machine adopts rolling guides, which is light in weight and low in noise.

8. After the lower slider of the machine is separated from the working area, it can be stopped at any position through the mechanical stop, which effectively improves the working efficiency. (Type 2 machine can be set by computer)

9. The upper workbench is equipped with a wedge-type deflection compensation device, which can realize partial bending compensation to ensure that the bending angle of the workpiece is consistent in the whole length.

10. This machine is equipped with each set of upper and lower molds. The upper and lower molds are all quenched. The upper mold is standard upper mold, the lower mold is double groove mold, and the middle plate is fast clamping device.

11. The back material is controlled by the numerical control system, and the large lead ball screw motion pair is used to drive the servo motor. The rear block retaining finger has a scale display, which is convenient, flexible and accurate.

12. The numerical control system is a suspended operation station, which can swing freely in the operation area, and the pedal-operated operating system can operate at any position in the bending area.



Nominal force

1250 kN

Table length


Column spacing


Throat depth


Lower table maximum stroke


Maximum opening height between the upper table and the lower table


Number of cylinders

3 sets

Maximum mold height


Lower table travel speed

Approach speed

57 mm/s

Bending speed


Return speed

4766 mm/s

Back gauge travel

500 mm

Main motor power


Machine weight


Machine dimensions (length × width × height)

4000×1567×2450 mm

Fuel tank capacity

65 L



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