AG-03512 Ⅱ Upper transmission CNC bending machine

AG-03512 Ⅱ Upper transmission CNC bending machine

AG-03512 Ⅱ Upper transmission CNC bending machine

  • Product No.: AG-03512 Ⅱ


Powerful second-generation model - upgraded product of the AG series

* One-screen operation function: powerful computer integrated operation monitoring, fault detection, help learning

*Multiple operation modes: According to the operator's operating habits, direct programming, angle programming or mixed programming mode can be selected.

* Large-capacity storage: 40 sets of mold library and 200 product library, convenient for users, with custom functions.

* After pulling and folding machine function: During the processing of parts, the back finger will not interfere with the molding process, and can be retreated according to the instruction.

* Slow speed folding function: When processing complex parts and ultra-thin sheets, different bending speeds can be selected to avoid damage to the workpiece.

* Bending delay function: When processing large and complex workpieces, you can set the command to delay the start of the slider and the rear gear.

* On-line bending function: When you need to bend the line, you have one step to stop to the line position, accurate and fast.

*Multiple lower limit function: Different bending stops can be set according to different steps during bending to improve work efficiency.

* Quickly clamp the middle plate: there is a drop-proof groove on the mold handle on the middle plate. During the clamping process, only the red handle must be pulled left and right to quickly load and unload the mold. 



Nominal force

350 kN

Table length


Column spacing


Throat depth


Lower table maximum stroke


Maximum opening height between the upper table and the lower table


Maximum mold height


Lower table travel speed

Approach speed:

50 mm/s

Bending speed


Return speed

52 mm/s

Back gauge travel

500 mm

Main motor power


Machine weight


Machine dimensions (length × width × height)

1425×1350×2020 mm

Fuel tank capacity



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